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Mixing the British Invasion, American garage rock, and Tom Petty singer/songwriter styles creates a distinctively American hybrid that "recalls the past without being indebted to it." - JD & the RetroRyders – 100% Cool rock & roll. Based in Huntington Beach CA it starts with JD – Joe DeMeo – born and raised on Long Island NY. After playing in clubs all over the NY area, he headed west like so many before him and set up shop in sunny Huntington Beach to write, record and perform. With numerous albums, CDs, tours and bands on his resume as well as a
backlog of written songs, he had the recent epiphany to assemble this top notch band
capable of bringing his songs alive. RetroRyders representing his songwriting style
which harkens back to the days of the infectious, positive vibe, three minute and thirty
second power rock blast.

Joining JD on stage starts with Al Lepson on lead guitar who brings to life the searing
and tasty lines of his signature style with an assortment of six stingers. A fellow New
Yorker, Al brings the street sound to the group. Vocals and harmonies are a big part of
JD’s permanent marks and singing along are HB natives Nicole Kubis and Nicole Perreira. Their soaring harmonies and sizzling melodies fully complement and punctuate JD’s
contagious songs. Providing the dynamic back beat to all this is the powerful rhythm
section of another pair of HB natives-Mike Willson on drums and Adrian Sanchez on bass, with Wendy Nazaroff 
providing the ever present jangle on tambourine. This energetic mixture packs a delivery like a brick through a plate glass window and catapults the songs right off the stage and deep into the audience’s psyche. Real players who know how to capture and uplift the musical moment in a song.

The band has released the CD singles (2 songs each) 100% COOl” in 2019, "twoferu" in 2020, "twotimer"  in 2021 and "twosome" in 2022.  All backed by airplay on XM Underground Garage and  indi statiions worldwide.  "HOTNSiXY" - Brand New EP -OUT NOW!

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